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  Hello, My name is Bruce Tyler,I live in southwest Florida and have a wonderful wife.I moved to

  Florida in 2013 for the warm temps and to be close to the water.I love to read and learn about

  ways to self heal the body and mind and ways to live a happy life,I created this website to share

  many of the products and ideas that have helped me become the relaxed ,happy person I knew

  I could be,Im tired of the rat race.Im living the life I always dreamed about.It didn't just happen

one day, it took a lot of thought to see the vison I wanted and to focus on those thoughts.I look back 20 years ago and laugh...

What I wanted then I have now...It just happens if you allow it..I hope you find something on this website to help you in 

your Journey..

                                                                                                                                                   Bruce Tyler


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